From One Flare To The Next~ 

I felt it sneaking in last night and as the day has gone on today I could feel it getting worse! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate rain pains? 

These rain pains feel different, a more intense deep pain than just an nagging deep pain. 

  • The bones in my feet all feel shattered, even without walking on them. I keep looking at them and feeling them to make sure they aren’t broke.
  • The pain in my hips feels like a large hammer banging on my bones instead of a small one!
  • The burning sensation on my skin is somehow making me feel cold. 
  • To hold my phone to type this causes  cramps that make me want to scream. 
  • My muscles feel like I have just poured salt on an open wound! 
  • And there are two types of headaches going on! 

Yes, these rain pains feel more intense! I think because I haven’t yet had time to recoup for all of the other things that I’ve done lately  to stress my body. 

Anyway, I’m off to bed. 


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