The Healing Hounds~

Nope, they did not cost thousands of dollars. Nope, they did not spend months with a trainer. Nope, they are just naturally this way. What way you ask? Let me introduce them…

This is Sadie! Sadie would be considered the ummm- I forgot the correct word- but she is the fur baby that senses my emotions and responds to them. She is the cuddle bug! 

Then there is Chopper…

Chopper wakes me at night when my Cortisol is getting to low! Sometimes he alerts me during the day, but it’s mostly at night. No he doesn’t wake me go outside, he usually just whines till I wake up and realize I feel like crap! I’ll take my meds and he struts off back to his bed. I have faked him out before, just pretended to take them, about forty minutes later her was back whining and scratching at the side of the bed more urgently this time. He knows! He just knows. 

And of course Luna, my sons crazy dog…

Luna will chew on my hand when it’s time for my meds during the day (she has her own room at night.) She doesn’t usually hurt me, it’s very gentle nawing, almost like she is tasting as she is rousing me. I will get up and take my medications and she goes back to being her crazy hyper self. 

On bad days they are clung to me, almost smotherish. On better days they are more apt to go play or sleep in their own space. But most days you can find them cuddled up to me, do what Healing Hounds do! 

I don’t like to call them Service dogs, it sounds less loving to me. The Healing Hounds are my fur babies, they do what they do naturally and I love them all the more for it! 


2 thoughts on “The Healing Hounds~

  1. Love it! Animals are so gifted. My cats aren’t quite the same in terms of alerting me, but they definitely know when I am having a particularly bad day; I will often wind up with at least 2 of them with me…we have seven cats, so…yeah, lol.


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