Brrr. it’s cold. 

Our propane tank used the last of its propane contents somewhere around 4am- by the time the speedy propane people got here it was a balmy 54′ in the house. 

Most of us Spoonies do not tolerate cold at all. By the time the house started heating my mobility was short and shaky at best, my skin looked like I had been in water way to long, and I just wanted to sleep. But the shivering would not let me rest, so I ran a hot bath. 

For me a hot bath is blissful and fearful at the same time. The heat helps my muscles relax, relaxing to the point of being jello-y to stand on. Getting up & out of the tub is very dangerous, I am so unstable. I usually try not to take a bath if I am home alone! Today though, the bath was a necessary evil to warm up and to relax for the shivering. But now I am exhausted worse than normal. 

I think we all handle the bath/shower thing differently. I used to find relief from a hot shower, but now, I’ll go for days with out a shower simply because I don’t have the energy for it. 

Healthy people take for granted the movement of washing their hair, rinsing it out, shaving legs etc, and soaping up all of their 2000 parts. Washing my hair (and it is very short now) is comparable to a weight lifting competition; my arms burn and shake with pain that soon carries into my shoulders. By the time the hair is washed  my POTS is now causing its own issues because I’ve been standing to long. Even leaning against the wall only helps minimally. I have a shower chair on my wish list. Anyway, I am only partially dried off as the fatigue sets in and I either lay down or fall down. So now I’m in bed, just a few minutes from a nap. 

It’s the littlest things. Healthy people don’t know how lucky they are. 


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