Worse Day than I was anticipating~ 

Yesterday I knew today would be a bad day. 

When I woke up at 4am needing to take some HC a bad day ahead was confirmed. Waking the second time at 6:30am feeling even worse, I knew today would be spent mostly in bed. Now here it is 10am, 3rd time of updosing, 10th trip to the toilet, now debating an ER visit.

Most of us know the Spoon Theory (if not read it here.) Today I barely have enough spoon to lift my head! I tried to unpack a little bit because the mess is driving me bonkers, but I got so shaky, dizzy, and winded I just stopped! 

For breakfast I had cookies with my meds because to attempt making breakfast is out of the question! 

Today is turning out to be worse than I had anticipated. 

*all images found in Google Images. 


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