And Down she goes~

I’ve been having a rough time hanging on! The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least, but I was staying afloat, that is until today. A heartbreaking text sent in anger sent me spiraling out of control. 

A sitting down heart rate that went to 139 and remained there for to long.

Then the heaving and vomiting started.The shakes and all of the other low Cortisol symptoms followed along. 

Now I feel like I’ve been repeatedly ran over by a semi-truck then salt pours on my open wounds, in 150′ weather with buckets of ice sending me into shock every few minutes! 


The eggshell walk, the painted smiles, the hidden flinch of pain, the buried scream is agony. 

But my ever faithful healing hound always at my side. 

Today’s stresses have knocked my symptoms into next week, and the festivities have not even started yet! 

Keep calm and updose! Stay hydrated! Breathe! STAY CALM!!! 


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