Pour Me Another~

No I am not talking about an alcohol beverage, I wish I could, but I’m not! I’m talking about water! WATER!!!

I don’t like the taste of it, it makes me feel bloated and sick, I have never liked water. Yes I tried different things in the water; lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, strawberry, blueberry… I don’t like water. 

But… I’m learning the hard way that I need it. I know, I know, a lesson I should have learned ages ago. Hey, I quit soda ages ago. I switched my coffee to half-caffeine. 

The POTS has been really bad the last week or so. I have been reading a lot in the Fibromyalgia, POTS, and Addisons Disease forums, and I see one thing they all have in common~ dehydration makes them worse! All of them. A lot worse. 

Yesterday when I woke up I kept track of how much I drank, I was pretty proud too! I drank a lot more yesterday than normal.

  • Two 12 oz G2 Gatorades =24oz
  • One 16.9oz water=              16.9 oz
  • Two cups of coffee=            19oz
  • Total fluid intake=            59.9oz
  • Total GOOD fluid intake= 40.9 oz

That is not good! Especially since I was pushing myself to drink more. Which means I usually drink less…


Image from Wild and Free .com

According to this article about WATER INTAKE I am nowhere near where I need to be! I know this article talks about water, but I also need the electrolytes so yes I count my G2 Gatorade and other similar drinks. 

It is no wonder I am feeling horrible! 

So, pour me another. Actually, I need several more! Bottoms up! 


2 thoughts on “Pour Me Another~

  1. Get yourself a Bubba Keg! (Their website should come up if you Google it.) They’re reasonably priced. My mom is a nurse and rarely has the opportunity to get more water during her shift, so she keeps her Bubba Keg with her and drinks from that to get enough water. And I do believe that image is correct- I always learned that amount you take in (in ounces) is half your weight (in pounds). Bottoms up here too!🍻 (Um, we’ll pretend that’s not alcohol. Alcohol bad for us!)

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    1. Lmao— so I have Bubba Kegs, pink ones and black ones and… yeah I have them. From my drinking days. It never occurred to me to put WATER in them! 😜
      I’ve had them stashed in the pantry! The pink one is out now, ready to fill up tomorrow! Thank you so much for the suggestion!!!

      When I searched how much water we are supposed to drink I found two different answers. The other was way different and I didn’t recognize it. So I posted the one that sounded familiar.

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