Tell me your story~ 

Everyday I draw a rune card, a guidance for my day. Well I just drew Tuesdays card (yes I cheated by doing it early) and it basically says that I need to “share my story.”

Now I am a firm believer in sharing stories, I honestly believe that those stories that stay hidden due to shame or fear are usually the most important to share because your story could help someone else to open up and share theirs too. 

This sharing of stories can be very healing.

In regards to tomorrow’s rune card of sharing my story, it makes me wonder which story? 

In most cases if some were to ask you to “tell me your story,” you would probably tell a story in connection within the context of the setting. For example in a “chronic illnes” chatroom you would give a quick summary of your Illness story. If you were at a job interview you may sum up your work history and what you to this point. Right? 

So… If someone were to randomly tell you “tell me your story.” And by telling it you could be helping someone else and yourself, what story would you tell? There is no context hinting to which story, there are no cues to guide you, you just tell your story. 

Which story would you tell? Type it here or journal it privately, but tell the story that very first popped into your mind. Tell your story. Get it out. 

Why did you choose that story? Is it because you desperately wanted to release it? To tell the world? Or was it to help another person who may be needing the “me to” validation of not being alone? What if it meant you wouldn’t be alone in your story anymore? Telling your story is like putting your hand out to be held, it’s a little scary but that feeling when someone who gets you puts their hand in yours- that warmth of not being alone- it makes you stronger. 

We already know that telling our story strengthens us, we tell it to other Spoonies, they understand us, we lift each other up, comforting and validating. 

So… Tell me your story. 


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