A Plus Side to Insomnia

I was up at night again, well till 7:30am,, with terrible pain in my hips and back! As usual the side effects to insomnia are hour and hours of boredom and thinking entirely to much. So to distract my brain I did research on POTS! 

Of all of my chronic diagnosis’ POTS is the strangest one to me! I cannot seem to wrap my head around why or how sometimes I can stand longer than other time and why sometimes standing at the kitchen sink makes me think I’m going to die. 

If I found an answer I do not remember what it was, but I am pretty sure I did not find an answer. 

You would think that symptoms coming and going would be old news to me, and it is, but for some reason it really bothers me the POTS does this too and I don’t know why! 


Another thing, people have a lot of advice on this illness, which is great, but how do they know so much about it when they don’t have it, yet I have it and known so little? 

I have read that staying hydrated is very important with POTS, a sense of humor by the powers that be? I also have Fibro which is common to be chronically dehydrated… hmmm- not funny! 

Salt intake is also something said to help with POTS, which is fine because it also helps the AI! Finally two chronicnesses that can cooperate! 

Well anyway, I am still sleep deprived and am going to try to get a nap in! 



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