Cognitive Malfunction~

I’m sure I’ve posted about this before, but I going to bring it up again. 

I am trying really hard to just laugh at myself, not take it to seriously, but it’s really tough! Brain fog, Fibro fog, Addy fog, cognitive malfunction!!! 

It makes me feel stupid, I apologize and mean no offense but it is so embarrassing to try having a conversation and stop mid sentence with no idea what you’ve been talking about, or to completely loose the name of something very simple and well know. It makes me not want to even talk to anyone anymore! 

I laugh like its nothing, but inside I am curled in a ball crying my eyes out. 

So to lighten this moment, here is a funny-not funny cognitive malfunction… My hubby and I were invited to dinner tonight, friends he’s worked with and knows well, I’ve been around them a few times… the wife of the friend was talking about a hernia in her throat. A few minutes later I said something about the hemorrhoid in her throat! Hemorrhoid?!?! Oh no- no it was a hernia… smh! Now of course the guys found it hilarious, I felt stupid and mean, I just wanted to rewind and not say that word in that context. 

Oh jeez… so maybe telling the story didn’t help, just made it more real! 

Well, I would write a book of the malfunctions but I cannot seem to remember them when I want to. 

Maybe tomorrow I will remember…


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