Upside down day~

Today felt so upside down from the moment I woke up, I couldn’t shake it! I kept trying to push through the haze of early morning pain but it wasn’t going away. 

Mornings are my best time, only after that first hour I spend waking up, reacquainting with my body and letting meds activate then mornings are my best time. But that didn’t happen today, I woke up and took my osteoporosis medication, I only take this once a week so I often forget how to take it. It is supposed to be taken 30 minutes before any food/drink/ or any medication. My doc says I can take my HC with it though. But for some reason, this morning I only took the osteoporosis medicine, then forgot about the 12.5mg of HC I usually take when I wake up! Who forgets their HC???

Anyway, the alarm went off for the mid morning and early afternoon meds, I took them, still not realizing I had not taken the 12.5 for the morning dose. I just kept getting worse and worse throughout the day, not super bad, but I could feel something wasn’t right. 

I was in a weird ornery but good mood! Lots of laughs but out of character for me. My pulse went to 140 by a short waddle to my front yard and back. My muscles burned so bad by even standing up. I couldn’t catch my breath. By dinner time I was nauseous. 

Hubby picked up dinner, yay for take out! We are sitting at the table and I am explaining what a weird day I had when hubby and son both say “It’s raining.” I was like, wow guys thanks for interrupting with a weather report! “It’s rain pain!” One of them said, it took a minute for me to realize omg- it’s rain pain! No wonder I feel like crap!! It snuck up on me. 

So I brushed off the day as one I should have just stayed in bed. Then tonight at my bedside table I notice the lid is not up on my Friday morning medication dispenser. So first I checked to see what day today is, then I looked into the pill organizer and I instantly knew why today was sooooo much worse than it should have been!!! I have been LOW on Cortisol ALL DAY LONG! On a rain pain day! Grrr… 

Well now I know why today was upside down from the start! Here’s to tomorrow being right side up!!! 😘


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