My Doctor called today~ 

It is an odd thing to get used to, I’m not even sure I will get used to it, but I truly appreciate it… IT is my doctor calling, randomly, to see how I am feeling! 

And today of all days was a very down day! Oh well, everything has perfect timing. Right? 

He asked if my bowels are still misbehaving, then let me know that there were no parasites in my horrific stool sample (forever traumatized.) What made me smile though was “…the tests were all negative, that’s good, very good, we don’t need you having more on top of all of this other stuff.” The we made me smile! Some of the littlest things make me feel less alone. 

We talked about the POTS, he really does not want to have to add a medication, we were hopeful that the Enlyte would help, but it may come down to being on a medication. 

The nurse is calling my local hospital to find out if they do some specific test, it’s a test to find out if something is going on in my ear or if something is going on in my brain. He talks like he already knows it’s in my brain, I’m not sure why we don’t skip that test and just get the MRI or CT done. And why are we stalling on this? He hints to the possibility of one thing possibly causing many of my symptoms, especially my cognitive & balance issues, but I don’t want to talk about that unless I need to. 

Anyway, I was just impressed with him calling to check on me. Not many doctors (in the US anyway) still do that! 

So that’s what is up in my world! Hope you are doing well, sending blessings! 💜


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