Brain Fog Update~

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the new medication that is supposed to be helping with the cognitive malfunctions…

I wanted to give you an update, well as much of an update as I can. Yes, it works! And No, it doesn’t. 

I have way more clear moments than I used to have, which is very good! 

The fog, when it hits, it hits hard, which is not good! 

I love the good moments, but the bad moments are scary. I don’t know if the bad moments are worse now or only seem worse because the good moments are so clear. 

The amount of time in the brain fog is way less than ever. So that is good. I just cannot decide if it is worth the bad moments being so bad. 

An example: the other day my Facebook newsfeed showed one friend responding to another friends status, a status that showed up because I liked it. Anyway, I was so confused, like Facebook was messing up or how did those two friends know each other, for whatever reason I was so baffled about it all that I messaged the friends asking what was going on. Then of course I look crazy because now the friend is apologizing for responding to my other friends post, which I don’t mind at all- I was just super confused about how it was happening, or if it was really happening at all. I was a mess!!! 

Another example: My husband is driving us through town the other day, I did not recognize our surroundings but I spotted a Ross Dress for Less store! I was so excited “Look they even have a Ross over here!”  The following silence indicated that my brain was not working “Have we been here before?” I asked. My hubby and son told a few stories to jog my memory about times we had been there. (This type of forgetting happens often) 

So now I need to decide to stay on the medication or to come off and let my brain work how ever it’s going to work! 

I’m just so tired of feeling completely stupid in the brain fog. I miss intelligent conversational abilities. I am going to have a flat forehead from smacking it trying to remember things!!! 

#fibrofog #brainfog #cognitiveissues


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