New Medication~ New Results~ 

I know I shouldn’t speak to soon, I should probably give it a few days to be sure, but I rarely do what people expect me to do so here it is!!! 

Monday night I took the first of the new medication. Memantine 10mgs twice a day. 

I researched the medication; it is used for dementia and Alzheimer’s but I also found a lot of articles about it being the “study drug” being a craze! 

I am no good at science, so here are a couple of Pictures I found on a search…

What I do know is my experience today…

A little back story first… I love to write! I joined NaNoWriMo, it’s a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30days! Last year I succeeded, with 5 days to spare! This year, this year The challenge has been intense! I go for days that I cannot form a sentence fit for my story, my cognitive skills are lacking at best! 

This morning when I opened my story I started with 10,123 words… when I closed and saved the file my word count for today alone was 6680! It wasn’t my mind that stopped, it was my ability to keep typing. My hands hurt so bad and cramped so bad I had to unfold my fingers from each other. But the story kept flowing. But physically I could do no more. 

Was today just a random stroke of flowing story, creative genius, my muse in action? Or was it what happens when my mind is finally clear enough to concentrate? 

I think the medicine worked! I think it worked well! 


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