I’m not trying to Quit Smoking ever again~

Got your attention didn’t I? Good, my attention was grabbed today in a much harsher sense. 

Today was an appointment with my doctor, like any other appointment, routine stuff— okay nothing about today was routine. So many tests, but I will get to that, first the tests about checking my lungs… 

Blow here, quick then continue till it beeps… ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? I had to get 3 different attempts, failing 2 of 3! Coughing and watery eyes from effort! The tech then had me inhale two puffs of albuterol, wait 10 minutes then try the test again… I passed the first two and failed the third in a coughing fit. The moral of my story… At 40years old, according to my results, I have the lungs of a 66year old! To be fair, this is not just caused by my smoking, but my smoking is making it much worse. 

I have tried and tried in the past to quit smoking, I have been unsuccessful! I am not going to TRY TO QUIT anymore, ever again! There will be no trying, this time there is just doing! I have to quit! 

I’ve set tomorrow as my quit day! Not first thing in the morning, I will not set myself up for failure! But tomorrow is the day I quit. 
I had been putting it off! I have been seeing this same dr a year now, he hadn’t told me to quit yet, but I promised myself that I would quit when he mentioned it- dumb idea right? Well he mentioned it today, well actually he showed me the test results and explained the damage that was being done to the other illnesses because of the smoking not to mention this darn cough. 

I am not trying this time! I am DOING! 

*see More or Less for the rest of today’s appointment….


2 thoughts on “I’m not trying to Quit Smoking ever again~

  1. Oh hun…. Yes it will be trying. Yes you will get frustrated. But you can and WILL do this. I believe in you. We are all backing you up. Keep us updated on the progress!

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