One Year ago~

I don’t remember the exact date, but it was a day I had looked forward to! The day I would get to see a new dr. I was excited for this visit because this doctor is well known for finding and treating what other doctors had not found or been able to treat! 

I was going down hill, more bad days than good. 
Dr. P and his nurses were amazing, patient, listened to me, and did a thorough exam. The lab techs are the best I’ve ever had, no pain or bruises… 

Little did I know how Dr.P’s reputation was about to be a major aspect of my life.

Addison’s Disease~ it was an easy find! A blood test that my results were so low, they had me come back to re-test! And have other blood work done. It was an easy find! 

There have been so many appointments over the last year that I don’t remember what was diagnosed when. I do know, that this new doctor has found and helped more “incurables” than all of the other doctors put together. 

Anyway, one year ago I had no idea just how close to this Disease was to taking my life. One year ago I didn’t even know how bad I was truly doing. One year ago I had never heard about Addison’s Disease. 

Here I am a year later, alive. A state I probably would not have been in had it not been for this doctor. Alive! 

So even though this diagnosis stinks, it’s a very HappyAnniversary!!! 

Even though the steroids that save my life are also causing weight gain, they are saving my life! 

I am thankful, even though I may whine a lot, I am thankful to be alive, celebrating a one year anniversary, to a Disease that will take me if it gets the chance, but I’m not giving it the chance. Alive! 


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