My Strength is waivering~

We all go through this, I know we do! We have those days that we just get tired of fighting, tired of pretending to be okay, tired of facing new or worsening symptoms. We don’t give up, we keep fighting, but our fight looses strength, like we just stop and sit down. 

That is where I am right now! I’m tired of the fight. Tired of the show. 

Daily I fight the Fibro, the myofascial pain, the SAI… all of it, every day! Then along comes this raging bout of diarrhea, not a couple days worth, but weeks worth! Even a sip of water causes and epic explosion. Fortunately there is no cramping pain, but I have to be vigilant about fending off dehydration, monitoring low Cortisol symptoms, and staying calm so I don’t start a flare. It makes me mad! 

I am very angry with my continuously mounting symptoms! 

I guess mad is better than depressed, but still. I don’t like this feeling. This feeling of things getting worse. 


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