“Release the shackles of expectation…”

I think I have mentioned it here before, about a question my brother asked me…

Do you know what expectation is?” He told me to think about it and he would call back in a few days for an answer. He did as he promised, he called back for an answer! An answer I didn’t have. So he told me “It is premeditated resentment.” He told me to think about it.

I have used that “question” in so many areas of my life, but I realized tonight by reading this article on The Mighty that I have not been using this advice in one huge area of my life…

My health! It never occurred to me until now that the resentment I have for many people is their response to my health. I never stopped to think “I can’t convince them, they are seeing it through their own perception.”

All of my pain, anger, resentment…

All of the energy and time I spent trying to explain/defend myself…

All of the rejection I felt…

Was all for NOTHING, because they can only see what their perception allows them to see. 

Just as my perception was something different. Maybe the comment wasn’t made to hurt my feelings. Maybe that statement was intended differently. Maybe they aren’t a bad friend for walking away, instead a sad friend that just didn’t know what to say. 

EXPECTATION is PREMEDITATED RESENTMENT, because the expectation is coming from my perception…


I need to work of releasing the shackles of expectation, especially where my health is concerned! 

  • People won’t get it, because they don’t feel it like I do. 
  • People won’t have the same order of priorities as I do, this one has caused a lot of hurt and anger. 

Oh this list could take all night. I’m just glad I am realizing this now. Thanks to the article I read tonight on The Mighty


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