This is not a competition! 

I know I’ve wrote on this before, but having all night to stumble through posts and forums I have noticed something. Actually let me rephrase that, I haven’t noticed as much of it in the forums talking amongst themselves as I see them dealing with it with others (both with chronic illnesses and temporary injuries) I know it happens in my life too, this person or that comparing our pains/symptoms/struggles/ coping mechanisms like it’s a competition on who’s doing worse or who is doing it “right.” 

It’s sad to me, we get judged enough by the normals, we don’t need to “be doing worse” or have more symptoms than our Spoonie counterparts. Why would you even want to compare? 

Our illnesses are probably different, so comparing them is like comparing oranges to apples! Comparing a chronic illness to a temporary injury is more like comparing oranges to boats! The comparison is accomplishing nothing! 

My level of pain tolerance is different than anyone in the world, so is yours, we are unique that way, so comparing that (pain) doesn’t make sense either. 

How I cope will surely be different than everyone else’s too, again, you will cope differently too! No two people are exactly the same! 

My message here, is that competing when we don’t compare makes no sense and chances are that someone is being minimized and that doesn’t feel nice. 

This is not a competition! We are not on opposite teams so support each other. 


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