Brain- ummm, can’t think… Oh, Brain- nope forgot again! 

I’m super irritated at myself today! Well I was yesterday too but today it’s much worse, my brain FOG, is super bad! Usually it bothers me, it’s embarrassing, it makes me feel really dumb, but today it’s maddening. 

I have stuff that needs done, I’ve been in a crash-ish the last month and haven’t accomplished much, and much needs caught up on. 

In November I participate in NaNoWriMo, it’s writing 50,000 words (a novel) during the month of November! Even though I won’t publish the novels, I enjoy the therapy, I love the pride of succeeding, I love the accomplishment! 

To make the 50,000 word deadline I must write 1700 words per day, aka I must think clearly to write 1700 per day! 

Brain fog doesn’t give me a choice in days, it chooses when and it chooses how bad, and today, it’s chosen to be bad. 

“But you are writing this?”  You may wonder why instead I am not working on my novel… I tried. I sat down and started to type and the storyline including character names flew right out of my head and kept on going! 

So I thought I would read a bit of the novel to remind me, lmao- I read the first three sentences several times and had no idea what I had read! 

So, I am now 3400 words behind schedule. I’m trying not to let it get to me! I knew this year it would be more challenging because the brain fog is thicker. I’m not giving up. 


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