Blah* a strange sensation~

Blah- it’s a strange word too, don’t you think? It feels so blah just to say the word. 

Hmmm, I didn’t know that was the definition, seems a bit extreme for such a not extreme word, let’s check another reference…

“Low Spirits” that’s better! I personally like “a blue funk!”

So back to my mood~ I am in a Blue Funk! 

Yes I have the typical aches and pains that is me, but today is almost like I still haven’t fully woke up yet! 

I’m not upset about any one thing in particular, but I’m also not happy about any one thing either! I tried to just sleep it away today, but as soon as I doze off I jerk awake again. 

I guess we are allowed days like today, A day to just Be, to really feel and do nothing. It’s an odd feeling this blue funk! 


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