Soul Sisters~ 

It’s November here in the US and always Facebook lights up with the 30 days of gratitude, then nothing more until next November. I’ve always refused to take part, but today I’m feeling especially thankful so I am going to share it. 

I am thankful for my soul sisters, some I know in person and most I’ve never met in person, yet I love them all with every fiber of my being! 

These are the ladies that leave a loving response or (((hug))) on my Facebook posts, they send a text just asking how I am. When I am down they are an encouraging lift up. When things are going good they continue cheering. We sometimes trade roles and I lift them, cheer them on, remind them they are not alone. 

I love my soul sisters! They don’t always say what I want to hear, but they always say what I need to hear. Somehow they say what’s needs said without being demeaning or offensive. They say what they say with loving intentions. 

Living with multiple chronic illnesses (and more lingering on the surface) is often most challenging because of the isolation and inability to bring much to the friendship table. Many friends disappear at first sign of trouble, many stick it out for a while, and few stay. But soul sisters, they are always just a message away, night or day, reminding me I am not alone, that I am loved, that I am strong enough. 

When this life of sickness drags me down into my own darkness, my soul sisters are my light! And this, I am forever grateful! 

Soul sisters, I love and appreciate you! 💜💜💜


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