Now what? 

Yes yes, I know, I already have whatever it is, I’m just seeing another dr to fix it! Yes I know my doctor is doing what’s right by sending me there before “it gets to bad.” Thank you for your optimism! Now shush! 

I am worried! I have that right to be! My doctor handles all of my big stuff without the specialist, no rheumatologist, neurologist, pain management doctor, no endocrinologist, no bone specialist— nope he is getting results by doing things himself! 

So after 10 days of this rapid loss of any and everything that hits my stomach, he says if I loose any tomorrow at all he is sending me to a Gastroenterologist immediately because this shouldn’t be happening without pain or fever or some other symptom, I am going to get worried! 

Yes I know worrying won’t help! I also know worrying won’t change anything! Do you know what else I know? I know that your minimization of any and everything I have ever gotten has widdeled away at our relationship! 

So in the meantime, for those who do care, please send me good vibes that this was just a tummy bug of some strange sort and it will not rear it ugly head again. 


3 thoughts on “Now what? 

  1. I always worry about u whether we talk or not. It sucks to b our ages and feel so awful. I always wonder what I have done that was so bad to pay me back with such vicious karma. I am sorry u r having a new thing going on. 😦 I hope it just may be this sickness running around. And yes a lot r sick lately with no ralissa flue like thing. So let’s hope this is what is going on with u. I could puke daily if I would let myself. Foodles just does not agree with me much. It has better months than others. Maybe just all the undo stress u r going through right now. I hope all that is over soon for all three of us but mostly for u. U have enough to worry about. Love u kiddo 😚

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    1. Thank you love!
      Luckily I have no vomiting, unfortunately it’s all straight up watery diarrhea! No cramps or pain, fever or chills! And now even Imodium isn’t helping, so dr says it’s certainly not a bug or I’d feel sick!
      I worry about you too, you are always over-doing it, but with kids at home it’s hard not to.
      I love you too my friend. 💜


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