So, over the last week I have been thinking “wow, I am doing really good!” My memory get like it was working, my pain wasn’t too bad, sleep has been good! Aside from this severe tummy bug that sends me to the toilet 15-20 times a day I have been doing good!!! 

So Yay me for having a decent few days! I accomplished things I usually don’t even attempt. 

Till today… it’s time for my weekly refill of medications, but I’m missing 5 prescriptions and 1 supplement! Omg I forgot to order and forgot to call in refills. I forgot to send of some mail that needed sending, I’ll be double checking bills paid in just a minute. 


I have a planner for these things! I didn’t even write it in the planner! 

It breaks my heart when I think I’ve been doing good just to start realizing that I wasn’t doing as good as I thought I was! But that’s okay, things are getting fixed, it was still a good week! Not going to beat myself up over it… 

*on a side note, the dr just called, have I mentioned what an amazing dr I have? Well about my tummy issues, he’s concerned because there’s no pain and there’s no fever or chills. He’s also concerned because this could send me into crisis and is surprised it hasn’t. Yay me for updosing!!! So, keep updosing, go to a Gatorade and rice diet till Monday- and we go on a trip this weekend! Blah- 

Not in a good mood! 😢😢😢


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