Big BIG oops~

My days and nights are mixed up, I am awake until about 6am and then fall asleep for a few hours. So when exactly do I take my morning medications? It’s became a mess! 

And today, today was a super BIG oops! Usually my schedule looks like this:

  • 6am- 10mg HC plus two meds
  • 8am- rest of morning meds
  • 11am- 5mg HC
  • 3pm- 5mg HC
  • 6pm- dinner meds
  • 9pm- evening meds plus 5mg HC
  • 3am- 2.5-5. Mg HC

But today it looked like this:

  • 5:30am- 10 HC then I slept till 11am
  • 11am- first set of morning meds
  • 1pm-second set of morning meds

I thought I over did it today with activity, I started feeling very sick and went to bed, nausea prevented sleep. The pain took over. The dogs were driving me nuts with the whining and clingy licking.  I kept laying here wondering what the heck triggered this…

  • 4:22pm, laying on the bathroom floor, nausea turned to vomiting. And suddenly the clingy whining dogs makes sense to me.
  • 4:27pm-10mg HC

How the heck did I forget all day to take my HC? How did I not see the signs and connect the dots? Why did I not remember that the dogs alert me?



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