Day 4~

How have my friends and family reacted? 

Well, my true friends are the ones who stuck around! There are few but they are amazing! When I am posting cranky, they know it’s a mood. When I am posting moody, sad, sleepless, whatever, they just go with it! They don’t post nasty demeaning posts on their own Facebook referring to but not saying it’s about me. They don’t do the “be more positive and you will feel better” crap. They just support me! 

As for family, well, some family is awesome and do the things my friends do, I am thankful for them. Other family, they downplay everything I go through- needless to say I don’t talk to them much. 

I used to get very hurt by the people who said they cared about me then they showed a different side. Now, I have very little, if any, contact with them. 

The ones still here, they know me, I don’t have to pretend or be hurt by any unnecessary comments. 

Yes, they may get sick of hearing about my illnesses, I wonder if they realize I get sick of living with them! 
Thank you to those still here, loving me, unconditionally!!!


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