30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge~ Day 1

I have been wanting to do this challenge for quite a while and have yet to take the time to do it. I’ve had a couple of good days so I figure now is a good time to start! 

Photo came from a sister blogger but I cannot remember who!

Day 1~ introduce myself, what illnesses I have and how long I have had them… (some copy and paste from original intro.) 

 I am a spoiled wife to an amazing husband, the proud mother of two sons (20 & 22) and a bonus daughter (9.) I am a warrior through life. I am an astrologer, reader of tarot cards, and Spiritual in the Mysteries of the Goddess. I am Priestess, I am Witch, I am a facilitator of women’s circles. I love to read and craft when I can. Sunsets and dark nights under a beautiful moon are relaxing. 

My diagnosis’ to date and approximate date of diagnosis;

  1. Secondary Addison’s Disease (I refer to it as AI- adrenal insufficiency) diagnosed Nov 2015
  2. Fibromyalgia- diagnosed 20+years ago
  3. Hypothyroid- diagnosed 15+years ago
  4. Chronic fatigue- diagnosed 20+years ago
  5. Ocular Migraines-diagnosed 2+years ago
  6. Raynauds Phenomena-diagnosed 20+years ago
  7. Osteoporosis -diagnosed November 2015
  8. Multi-System Degeneration of the autonomic nervous system disease.- diagnosed August 2016
  9. GERD-diagnosed June2016

There are tons of other diagnosis’ in there like depression, anxiety, dry eye, dry mouth, plantar fasciitis, Insomnia, brain fog, cognitive issues, hair loss— the list goes on and on but are basically “symptoms” of the top 9. These are the illnesses I write about, warrior through, and am medicated for. 

The Serious 9 keep me pretty isolated, except on social media, this is my life here. I post, unedited and without sugar coating. I have multiple Facebook pages for a variety of passions; astrology, makeup, women’s circles, book clubs. Laying in bed most of the time gives me a lot of time (although sometimes incoherently) to write! And I love new ideas. 

I miss dancing, hiking, being social, and so much more. But I am making the best of what I have. 

Illness Pet peeves~ “Be more positive.” “It could be worse.” “Learn to control your stress.” “Must be nice to just lay in bed all day.” And comparing me to someone who has 1 or even 3 of my Serious 9. Wow, okay I have to many peeves to list.

Blessings! 💝 


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