And the weather grows colder~ 

Today I hide! It’s every little thing piling up, the daily stressors, the unusual stressors, everything that makes up a life in turmoil. It’s all of this that stacks up, a weight I sometime wonder if I can continue to bare. 

Then the weather changes, it intensifies my every pain. The weather grows colder and my bones grow older, my head aches and my emotions quake. 

Today I am curled in bed, trying to find relief from my own body. The chaos inside feels worse than the chaos outside, yet they gain intensity off of each other. And the weather grows colder! My illnesses grow bolder! 

It is not just the Fibro

It is not just the osteoporosis 

It is not just the adrenal insufficiency 

It’s is not just the chronic fatigue

It’s is Degeneration of my autonomic nervous system

It’s is not just the…

It is it all! Fighting a war with each other, fighting a war against me, fighting now against the weather. And it grows colder. 


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