The Pain is in the Bones~

Before I dozed off I was going to post about the pains pains coming on tonight. So here it is…

Picture found on Google search.

I am blond so I can tease about a broken finger. But my finger is not broken! Lol! This pain is not the normal Fibro pain, not the normal rain pain, not a normal pain (that I remember) anyway. 

This pain is in my joints and bones. Actually, I do recognize this pain. As I was typing this and trying to explain the dull hum yet drop me to my knees and take my breath away pain, I recognized the description: Myofascial Pain! 

I know to most people the pain is pain, how can there be a difference? But there is a difference! A big difference. 

The Fibro pains feel different than the AI pains and those feel different than the rain pains, which all feel different than the fatigue, and now I remember that the Myofascial pains have a distinct pain too. 

Rather the pain is dull, sharp, stabbing, camping, breath taking, or nauseating, a mild irritant, old totally distracting, it is all still pain. Pains that come and go, pains that roll me in a ball with tears on the pillow, pains that make me want to scream at the injustice of it all. It all hurts. 

Anyway, now that I have babbled my way to figuring out what’s tonight’s pain is, I will sink back into my book.

Blessings of a restful sleep! 💜


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