Hound on Alert~

So I dozed off earlier, the half hour doze after taking my bed time meds, and was awakened by Chopper (Healing Hound #1.) His nails running across the hardwood floor (tap tap tap tap) to my side of the bed vaguely registered in my almost asleep state. Then the clawing at the bed started. I rolled over, hung my arm over the edge to pet his head. He kept clawing and jumping. 

Finally fully awake and aware something is wrong, I check all of my medicine organizers to make sure I’ve taken all meds- I have. My head and stomach both feel fine. Why on earth is this dog alerting me? 

I get up, Chopper anxiously follows me around the house. I let him outside, we come back inside, I even try to feed him and he is not interested. Right by me he stays. I check my pulse and bp, both are lower than they have been but it’s been really high, so lower is good. 

I’m back in bed now, Chopper on the floor right by the bed, my hand on his head. Still no idea what he is alerting. 

Unless it’s this weird bone pain (a different post.) but he has never alerted to pain before. Usually when I’m in pain Sadie (Healing Hound #2) just gets super cuddly. 

Maybe it’s just a weird night! 


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