Fending off this headache~

It’s been trying to get bad for the last week, it stabs and throbs, just enough to make me on the verge of misery! Yes this headache!

Life has settled down, things are going better, I have certainly got sleep this week, yet it is updosing my HC that makes the pain go back into the shadows temporarily. 

So, then is it a low cortisol headache? Am I just barely keeping myself above the Danger zone? I have no idea! 

But maybe if I updose a for a full day or two maybe I will get back on track? Or maybe something I seem to me is using up the cortisol. 

This illness (Adrenal Insufficiency) is hard to learn, impossible for me to accurately monitor at home. It isn’t like diabetes and I can check my blood on a home test. Someone really needs to invent that though! Wouldn’t that save so many lives? So many trips to the ER? 

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling! Happy Monday! 


3 thoughts on “Fending off this headache~

  1. So you get headaches when your cortisol is low? Interesting…I just got back from having an ACTH stimulation test to see if I have secondary AI from my brain surgery…headache all the time, extreme fatigue, dizziness, occasional nausea. Hopefully I’ll know by the end of the week! And I hope you get your headache under control soon!🙂

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    1. Yes I do! I was hoping you would get the tests done! When I read your post I prayed AI wasn’t the case, but your symptoms felt so familiar. My best comparison when it’s really low (Cortisol) is a severe hangover!
      I’ll be watching your post to see what they find out.


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