Why do I post so much?

Looking back at when I first started openly posting about my health (or lack of) I remember people being irritated! Many Facebook friends either deleted me or unfollowed me because of the “negativity” or my “attention seeking.”

Why was is so hard for them to understand that it was not pity I was seeking? Why could they not understand it was Awareness I was spreading? 

Then there were those people that thought because I was posting and sharing on Facebook that I must be feeling fine! Seriously??? What am I supposed to do? Lay here in bed all day and count ceiling tiles to distract myself? (There are 12.5 lined sections on my ceiling.) I post as a distraction, my only interaction outside of these walls, to let others know about these illnesses (my symptom list may help someone else’s early diagnosis,) it gets lonely in here. This list goes on and on. And yes, sometimes I choose to just cry. 

Posting about what I go through is also therapy unlike any counselor could ever offer!I pour what I am going through onto the pages for my own release and also for the person who reads it and says “oh me too!” Because then they too, feel less lonely! 

So Yes, I know you get sick of scrolling passed (I know you don’t read them) my posts and that’s fine! I know how hard it is to live with this everyday, I’d scroll passed it too! But for you to judge me for it, to say I am seeking attention or that I need to be more positive, find someone else to bash because I don’t have the energy for your negativity! 


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