No Comparison~

Yes it’s happened again, yes it irritated me again, yes I’m going to rant about it again; comparing someone else’s illnesses to mine.

Well, more like comparing their ability to my disability is more accurate. The other day I heard “Well she has what you have and she gets around pretty good.”  I do hear this type of thing occasionally, when people are comparing someone else’s fibromyalgia to me and it pisses me off! 

First, are they calling the other person a faker or me an exaggerater? They know what neither of us go through! 

Second, these people are comparing apples to oranges. How? Well they are comparing two fibromyalgia cases, which alone can be so drastically different it cannot be compared. But, Fibro does not stand out and say “look only at me.” My body fights way more illnesses than just Fibro, so again a comparison cannot be made! 

Yes I know she is able to go out! Yes I know she is able to have alcohol, yes I know she walks without a limp, yes I know she is able to do her own grocery shopping, yes I know, yes I know, yes I know! But do you realize that OUR ILLNESSES AND STAGES OF THE ILLNESSES ARE VERY DIFFERENT and cannot be COMPARED? SO JUST STOP IT ALREADY!!!! 

And while we are talking about comparisons… 

What I did yesterday or ten minutes ago may be too much today. Today I may be paying the consequences of what I did do yesterday! So please do not get upset or take it personal when I say “I can’t do that today!” 


The point of this post is to politely let you know how damaging it can be to compare me to anyone else or even myself! It’s damaging to myself and others and it also gives you an incorrect perspective! 


2 thoughts on “No Comparison~

  1. Oh yes, this sort of thing grinds my gears. This year, during the warmer months, was the first time I’d been really active in something like 7 years. Now? Now I’m hobbling about because I’m battling the hyper mobility and it’s bloody relentless atm. And the colder air is killing my joints and because I’m trying to work I’m flaring most of the time.

    I never play the comparison game – I know plenty of spoonies who would love to work but can’t, I know a few who manage – just – to hold down a job.

    I know plenty of people who compare my abilities – or lack of – to someone they know and it’s not fair on any of us.

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