Burr, it’s getting cold~

A few days ago my amazing hubby and I were talking about the weather, I was wondering how I would do this winter with the cold coming. As I’m talking I am noticing he has the funniest look on his face… now pause this story for a moment.

This morning I posted on my Facebook about the weather (having totally forgot about the conversation with hubby mentioned above.) and I responded something about wondering how I will do with the winter cold coming.

  1. How come I keep forgetting that I’ve already experienced winters before? 
  2. How come I forgot that I was already reminded of it once? 
  3. Why on earth would I forget the previous winters?

Okay now back to the conversation with hubby… unpause… so hubby has this funny look, I continue on about my worries of how the winter will effect me, and also getting kind of excited that maybe I will do better with the cooler temperatures. He interrupts me and asks “do you remember last winter? Or the winter before?” Hmmm, no I don’t think I do and judging by the are you crazy look he has on his face I’m guessing he does remember it.

“Winters are your worst times.” Then the memories of weeks in bed start flooding my mind. Oh yes, now I remember. I sat in silence for a while.

This will be the first winter since being on all of this medication, so maybe… nah- I know better. I know what’s coming. 

However, what I did not know is that barometric pressure effects Cortisol levels, keeping this in mind maybe at least my mood will survive the cold. I wonder though, do AI Spoonies increase their doses in the winter? 

Bundle up Spoonies, stay warm! 


One thought on “Burr, it’s getting cold~

  1. I was living in Glasgow, Scotland but decided to move back to the States when I couldn’t stand the storm induced headaches anymore. From October to May, gales constantly move through the west of Scotland and living in Glasgow, where the winds were intensified and funneled through the old buildings, was more than I could take. I actually found myself yelling at the wind one day as I came out of the calm behind a tall building and was nearly knocked over by a 40mph blow. Any change in barametric pressure affects all of us with arthritis, headaches, Fibro and many other ailments.
    I keep an eye on air pressure with my weather apps and a barometer. Knowing that lows or highs will be changing a few days in advance help me plan when I might be well enough to do something or when I know I’ll be better off curled up in bed (and sparing people around me from my moaning and groaning).

    I also keep a weather diary so I can look back and remember how many days over 100F we had, when we had drought or deluge and just generally to have “landmarks” to remember the year by.

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