An Idea~

As many of you may (or may not) know, I am of Goddess/Feminist Spirituality. I do not express that much here, but I am today because I have an idea I’d like to share, in hopes that there are more out there like me. 

I have been taking courses through Brigid’s Grove (I love Molly) for Red Tent Initiation & Practical Priestessing. Both will be completed by mid October. 

When I started I had the intentions of facilitating an in person Women’s circle. As time has gone on it was mentioned to me that a virtual circle for women like me with limited mobility or access to a womens circle would be something worth trying. This idea has tumbled in my head for weeks now. 

Today, as part of a “31 Days for Me” challenge here is My post:

 Day 4~ 

Since I woke up I’ve been thinking that maybe I should start a virtual women’s circle, an idea once mentioned to me and has lingered in my thoughts. This circle would be especially for those of us with limited mobility/access to an in person circle. These thoughts have been rolling around in my mind all morning. 

I sit at my altar and today’s reading validated my thoughts; these ideas have been steeping in the cauldron and the crescent moon reminds that ritual is important. 

And so it is. 
So I am curious if this would be something any of you are interested in? 


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