My Healing Hounds~

They tend to do their own thing most of the time! But then I have days like today and they won’t leave my side. 

Chopper, the chocolate on chocolate dapple shown here. 

He is the most sensitive of all, he is who wakes me up in the middle of the night alerting my my cortisol is low. He is who has to be touching me when I am not feeling well! This little ball chasing, no cuddling dog turns into the cuddle master when I’m sick. 

All 3 dogs sense when things are not right! These are my healing Hounds! My cortisol alerts. By little companions who are probably a lot spoiled. 

Days like today, when my body feels like I have been badly beaten up, everything hurts, the Healing Hounds are right here. 

My body is up, my pulse is up, my Cortisol is down. Either my TMJ is in a flare or my jaw has been dislocated- that pain is reidiculous. 

I’m thankful to these fur babies! 

Now I’m off to rest. 


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