Thankful for the good days~

I’ve had a few pretty good days! Days that my mind was fairly clear, my pain was manageable, no need to updose. It’s been nice! 

I accomplish more on a good day than I do in a month of bad days! One good day over done will set me back for more bad days, so I usually do not expect more than one good day at a time. I was delightfully surprised to have a few good ones in a row!

The hard part about good days, they don’t last, when the symptoms come back they seem worse than normal. Maybe they are worse than normal, maybe they just feel worse because I got a break from them! 

Well, my streak of good days is over (for now.) It certainly feels like everything is worse than normal! 

The throbbing pain in my hips

The sleep-like tingle in my feet

The bruised pain in my bones

The dull stabbing headache

The burning stomach

The racing heart


The fibromyalgia 

The Myofascial pain


All flaring at once, brought on rather suddenly after a few good days! Like someone had forgot to turn off a light then suddenly remembered so they flipped the switch! It’s dark in here. 

I’m so thankful for the good days, they keep me going through the bad days. 

Here it is, 3am, painsomnia, yet I Look back on yesterday and smile! I may have over done it, but it felt good so I will pay the price. Thankfully, with a grateful heart! 


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