Medicine Mouth~

We have all woke up with horrible breath at some point. That dry, non saliva producing, sticky, breath so bad you can taste it- kind of morning! 

Well medicine mouth causes that feeling and taste all day long! We attempt breath mints, life savers, gum. We try chap stick and lip balm. But the caky- can barely swallow- water doesn’t even help- dry mouth is relentless. 

So I asked my dentist what was going on. She first wanted me checked for Sjogrens, which was negative. But she also recommended Biotene products! 

So on the way home we stopped by the store and picked up the paste and mouthwash. 

And it’s helping! A lot! 

It doesn’t feel minty fresh right after brushing or swishing like I am used to, but it relieves the symptoms of dry mouth caused by my medications! 

I just thought I’d share this little tidbit of information in case dry mouth is a side effect for you too! 


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