I promised myself~

I made myself a promise that I fully intend to keep. What’s the promise? I promised myself that starting today things would settle down and I could rest, I would take better care of myself, I would be able to relax into myself again! 

You see for the last year our life has teetered on many drastic changes made necessary by outter circumstances out of our control! Changes we didn’t mind making, but took some adjustment.  A year of pending court proceedings for the custody/visitation/welfare of my husbands daughter. Yesterday the proceedings came to a close in a way that is good for everyone. I cannot go into details, but that is not the point of this post. 

The point of this post is that for the last year, everyone involved has been living their life on the edge of their seats with worry, anticipation, and expectation. Believe it or not that is extremely exhausting physically and emotionally! 

That is where my promise came in, that at the “end” of the ordeal that I would take a breath, take a break, come back to myself. And that is exactly what I am doing! 

I will open the books I love. I will resume the classes I have let fall by the wayside. I will reestablish the routine that once brought me joy. I will start responding to my friends again. I will laugh. I will breath. I will awaken. 

I hadn’t realized the toll the combination of stresses had taken on me until I seen the end in sight. Then it was a little seed feeling the first warmth of summer, it started pushing through! 

It feels nice to know that now we can settle into some normalcy. 

I promised myself the gift of Me! 


4 thoughts on “I promised myself~

  1. Hugs xxx

    Been back and forward to court with my daughter, granddaughter and her father since August 2014 and it was finally resolved August this year. I agree, it’s so draining and impacts so much on your health.

    Glad your husband’s case is over and you can now relax and take care of yourself. xxxx

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