Like a Phoenix~

I will rise from the ashes, stronger for what I have been through! 

photo taken from Pinterest

I have always had this affinity to the Phoenix, no matter what has happened in this hot mess of a life of mine, I always rise again. Stronger. 

September has been a month full of extremes. 

  1. I lost a dear friend to cancer 😒
  2. Lost an uncle to an accident. 😒
  3. The coming of not 1, but 2 grand babies due April 25th😊
  4. All the dramatics of young/fighting parents to be😑
  5. Another announcement that I have to keep quiet about that I am excited about. 😊
  6. The custody trial of someone I love. πŸ’”
  7. 2 very important courses started that I have barely functioned to attend to. πŸ€•

This may not sound like much, but it has been and continues to be extremely stressing, taxing on my health, exhausting physically and emotionally. But with each new thing I have said “I can’t handle anymore.” But guess what? I have handled it. Yes I updosed! One day I even had to triple up my hydrocortisone. 

photo taken from Pinterest

We have one more trip tomorrow, then the trial I mentioned is Tuesday, then 8 hours home again! Then I am resting! 

Now I know I am strong enough! 

I may burn, but like a Phoenix I will rise from the ashes, Stronger and brighter than before! 

but I am ready to rest, yes I’ve survived this emotional month of extreme highs and lows, but I’m tired! 


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