I will admit it…~

Stress gets to me, it really does! Physical stress, emotional stress, weather stress, family stress, happy stress, it is all stress and it all gets to me in the worst ways! 

Lately my life has had an unusual amount of stress, an unusual amount of stressors. Stressful situations where my responses and reactions are important. 

My responses are not being what they would be had I felt better. And today a major oops, I sent a text to the wrong person, a text with sensitive informtaion, a text that went to the opposing forces! A major oops! 

I’m trying to be there, doing what I do, because I don’t know what else to do! And I’m doing it horribly because I’m so exhausted from doing it so much lately! If it was just one major thing, I can push through that. But we have several major things, and each is sensitive to facts not emotions. 

I feel like I’m about to drop. I cannot drop yet I am still needed! I still have to prove that I am capable of being me. 

I wish people understood how I feel inside, how it feels with each new brick of stress being piled onto my shoulders. I wish they understood the pain it’s causing. I wish they understood how hard I am truly fighting just to survive this! 
I AM TIRED AND I admit it! 

My ability to stand strong and fake the smiles is growing weary and weak. My mask is slipping. I can’t keep pushing. 


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