Just Surviving~ 

The Intensity of things lately has really taken its toll on me. It is taking more updosing than I am use to doing. It’s like I can’t catch up with myself. 

Image from Google Images

Today I am taking a down day! I feel guilty because there are things that need done, paperwork that needs filled out. I should not be laying in bed.

Image also from Google Images

This headache won’t allow much more than laying here barely moving. I start moving around and the pains everywhere else get worse, making the headache worse, so honestly, it won’t do much good if I even tried to accomplish anything today. 

Technically I don’t know if low cortisol is considered a flare, but that mixed with the fibro flare I am in, the Myofacial pain is flaring too- so I don’t even know what to call the days where all of my symptoms seem to be active. A really bad day?! I should invent a word! 

And the delay in my reactions, I should be thankful for, I seem to kee my head above water during the chaos, but as soon as there’s a calm moment my symptoms come rushing in. 

Okay I am babbling! Truth is I am having another pity party! I want desperately to feel more positive, but it is just out of reach at the moment. 

I will survive, because I am a Chronic Warrior Goddess, a Phoenix that always rises again from the ashes of these illnesses! 


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