Delayed Reaction~

Tonight was as close as I’ve came to being in my first tornado, this Oregon born and raised girl is not use to these types of storms! Luckily my bestie is used to them and was giving instructions because hubby was sleeping!  Luckily hubby woke up and we had time to get out safely! Luckily hubby and son had their wits about them because I was kind of in a daze. 

But OMG I was terrified. 

The storms are not the point of the post though, my stress level is. I did okay tonight despite my fear of a a storm like this. I remembered to updose. I stayed clam chanting prayers to the Goddess in my head as hubby drove us south. 

But we are home now, the worst of the storm has passed, but the storm in my body is just getting started. 

The pain is nauseating! The low back pain and a weird low abdominal pain are kicking my butt! I have cramps in my… Well pretty much everywhere. I feel like my chest bone needs to pop. The Myofascial trigger spots feel like they are in a hot vice being smashed. And the pain in my head feels like a balloon with to much air. 

Yes, I have updosed! I’m wondering if I need more. I bet I do! Or  maybe this is severe rain pain?

An odd thing I’ve noticed quite some time ago that always comes along when I am stressed and feeling other low cortisol symptoms is a choking/coughing/gagging thing. Is that AI related? I’ve never heard it mentioned. But the only time I do it is when I am showing other low cortisol symptoms. Times like tonight I do it till I vomit! 

Anyway… I did really well tonight… 


We got home and everything was settling down. DELAYED REACTION. 

And it hurts!!! 


One thought on “Delayed Reaction~

  1. Oh good lord, I feel for you and am so glad you had help in the middle of the storm. Tornadoes and the extremes of pressure systems around them do a terrible thing to people like us and permanently scare everyone.
    I grew up in Cincinnati where we all had basements to shelter in but here in Arkansas there are no basements, just a downstairs closet.
    Knowing there’s a chance of tornadic storms I have a travel bag I can grab with meds, a change of clothes in zip-lock bags, Clif bars, water and Shortwave radio that can be hand cranked to charge a cell phone.
    Before storms move in, I take a stress dose of hydrocortisone and fioricet (for headache).
    The heavy-duty stress of being in a tornado situation pumps us up with stress hormones which inflame everything, the pressure changes cause migraines and tension head pain and the fright can affect heart issues.

    Arkansas is beautiful but I didn’t choose to be here and living with tornadoes 8 months out of 12 is beyond horrible.
    I feel so for you, knowing what was happening to you and your family.

    Thank goodness your men pay attention to the danger, my husband doesn’t get in our shelter until a tornado is headed for us in spite of dangers from hail and lightening… And he usually grabs a snack first. 🙄

    I’d send you hugs but that would hurt. It will take a week or so for you to get over the stress from the tornado, you have a home, loved ones and your followers to comfort you.


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