Medication (mis)Management~

I have alarms set on when to take my medication; 

  1. A.M. Meds-6am
  2. Breakfast meds- 8:30am
  3. MidMorning meds- 11am
  4. MidAfternoon meds- 3:30pm
  5. Dinner meds- 6pm
  6. Bedtime meds- 9:30pm
  7. 3am dose of needed

I have them organized into different medication organizers according to dose time. 

So it should be easy right? Wrong! 

Somehow I keep messing up the actual organizers! For the last few weeks I am finding things wrong. 

A couple weeks ago I noticed that I was missing one tiny pill in every one of my Breakfast dose compartments. 

Then again but with the little blue pills.

Today I noticed that I am missing one in every one of the Dinner dose compartments, and have an extra that actually goes in the Breakfast compartments. 

It’s the same pills every day, every week! I have a chart I follow and put the pills in as I go! So how am I messing this up? It’s foolproof! But it obviously is not brain fog proof! 

Eat with these! Take these with food! Don’t take these within two hours of those! No dairy with these! At bed time! First thing in the morning! As needed! 10days! 3 in the morning, 2at night! Taper slowly! Increase! Decrease! Blah blah blah! How do we keep it straight? 

I’m going to end up hurting myself if I take to many or not enough. I’ve tried everything I know to try to get this right! 

Sick of brain fog! 

Sick of medication MISmanagement! 



4 thoughts on “Medication (mis)Management~

  1. I was just now dealing with the same thing myself. At first, I thought it was a mistake of memory but NO it’s actually the pills sometimes falling into the wrong compartments. Even looking at the pill boxes and my fingers as I drop pills in, I still end up with the little pills going in a wrong compartments now and then.
    So, don’t beat your memory up, it’s more a case of the tiniest pills bouncing into the wrong place.
    It’s also a lot tougher because of generic meds which tend to all be the same color – white !

    I’m online now looking for another pill minder that can separate my meds and vitamins in a good way. I bought a very smart, colorful weekly pill holder recently but discovered this morning that the bright colors make it impossible for me to tell the meds apart as I check what I’ve put in.

    I was talking myself through it this morning because a standard question about how we are doing independently is “can the patient manage their own medications ?”. I’m a very independent person, as I expect you are, and losing any of that independence would be a big blow. We’ve got to get this medication thing right… Even with occasional confusion and fog.

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    1. The INDEPENDENCE- exactly. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to put the pills in the right place? Yes, big blow to the independent ego!
      I didn’t say anything the first few times, then I realized it could get dangerous so I asked for help, but when it comes time to do it “no I got this!” So I do it myself, just
      To find out later I DONT GOT THIS! I caught myself filling an entire day with just morning meds, I went down instead of across! Oops.


      1. One great thing I was taught to do by MS therapists years ago was this : when you feel confused or can’t think of an answer to something you know, be kind to yourself. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t remember, I don’t remember” say instead “I know I know this, I just can’t access the information right now”. The benefit of this is that it doesn’t depress you or hurt your feelings and gives you confidence. If we repeat “I can’t remember” enough times then our brains will go with that idea.
        We’re already up against brain damage, fog and confusion caused by medications and disease so even the most simple psychological approach will help.

        It’s scary though and worrying for sure. If I don’t mark down a pain or muscles med I’ve taken in my pill app I’ll be in danger of taking those meds again and having too much at once.

        It’s comforting to talk about this with someone dealing with the same things.

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