Feeling tooooo much~

Today is a “feeling to much” kind of day! 

Let’s start with I forgot to take my dinner medications last night! Yeah, brilliant huh? Lyrica and Nefazadone are both on that list, so today I am having the electric shocks in my head! And the brain fog is bad!!! 

Next is my distraction and concern for my family back home dealing with a horrible loss. I feel so helpless being so far away. 

Yep there is more! The job/income scenario is doing horrible right now with some big expenses about to make that a whole lot worse. 

Then a pending “meeting” that I am gathering lots of information for. Not to mention the stress of the meeting itself. 

Still more, raising kids is tough to work! Them being adults is just as stressful, they both have pretty major life changing things going on right now. 

I tried a bubble bath, a warm shower, sitting outside, a meditation, but my body cannot handle it all, so stress dose it is! 

I tried avoiding the extra medication, but my bp and heart rate are all over the place, my stomach is turning, the spins aren’t helping that, and being shaky is making it all worse!!! 

I hate these illnesses! I wish I could handle stress like a healthy person. I wish that I didn’t get sick then sicker every time stress hits like this! 

Oh then, tomorrow is the 8 hour trip for the Sunday visit. We won’t be home till Monday though because a pre-meeting to the big meeting is Monday…

I want to pull the plug and watch all of these stresses twirl in circles as they go down the drain! 



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