Is it a thing? Or more damaging? ENLYTE UPDATE

Okay so I have been trying to figure out how to put this post together so it makes sense, so you can decide for yourself if it’s helpful or more damaging! 

Fatigue~ Let’s just get this one out of the way. I would say my fatigue is mostly gone, but the tiredness is not. Yes, there is a difference. I could not stay busy through fatigue and miss a nap. Fatigue made me nauseous if I wouldn’t give in to it. Tiredness will let me stay busy, although groggily. I’m down to one 1.5 hour nap on normal days!!! 

Sleep~ I went from an average of 2.5 hours of sleep to an average of 7.9hours!!! And it feels way more restful that before Enlyte. 

Energy~ I do have more energy! My waking hours have better quality of production than they have in years. 

Mood~ My mood is much more stable. Of course there are dips from pain and/or low cortisol, but for the most part, I am much less anxious or depressive! 

OVERALL~ I would say give it a try. If I had only one chronic illness to deal with I am sure the results would be phenomenal. I am still impressed, even with all of my chronic-ness. 

Downside~ while this does up my energy and helps with fatigue, it wears my body out from trying to do more than it can handle. Like there is still wires crossed and the pain and heaviness of my body cannot handle what my brain is telling it to handle. Several times in the past few days I have overdone it, sending my pulse and bp into dangerous levels. My brain tells my body it’s not hot outside so I do outside things and hurt myself. My body says I can do housework and I don’t realize that I’m tired till I am falling to the floor. 

So while I do love it, I am wondering if I should be taking it. 


4 thoughts on “Is it a thing? Or more damaging? ENLYTE UPDATE

  1. I read up on Enlyte to see what it was and it’s a very particular type of “medicine” that delivers very specific types of vitamins and minerals. It is not, however, a multi vite or anything someone would ask their doctor for to fix fatigue problems.
    It’s very specific in its application and is used for patients with particular imbalances (as opposed to just taking folic acid or iron for basic deficiencies).

    As an example, I would not be a candidate for Enlyte because as it says in the FDA release “Caution is recommended in patients taking anticonvulsant medications as folate may interfere with anticonvulsant medication, and may lower seizure threshold”.

    Anyone considering asking their doctor about Enlyte should look it up under and you’ll be able to see why your physician might or might not want to have you take it.

    The great news is that, since you must have the specific problems that call for this med, it’s doing things for you. All of us with extreme fatigue caused by multiple illnesses wish there were meds that would lift us out of our fog. So far the only med that helped me was Provigil along with a selected cadre of supplements.

    I just wanted to post this so other interested patients could look up Enlyte and see what it is before they ask their docs for it. The relief you’ve had with some symptoms so far would certainly make it tempting.
    I’m amazed you can post as much as you do feeling so unwell. Major ((hugs)) to you !

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    1. Thank you for the information! I’m not sure I like the Enlyte, I mean I do but at the same time it’s making my body think it can do things it can’t!
      I’m going to read up on it too!
      I spend most of my time in bed, I don’t watch tv so I type. 😊
      Thank you again for the info! 💕


      1. Well, I know we just met but it’s very good for me to know someone else dealing with a multitude of really bad ailments.

        I forgot to congratulate you for the wonderful news that you don’t have Shjogren’s !!
        Yay 🎉🤗🎉 For You

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