Shower from Hell~

Yes I just took the shower from hell! And I think it was my own fault! 

So I attempted some outside work today, I say attempted because I started shaking and feeling pretty dizzy, my Fitbit said my pulse was at 139! I stopped and came inside. As soon as I got inside the sweat poured, drenching my hair and clothes. My pulse started to slow down, I drank water. The sweating continued for a half an hour and I got a brilliant idea, brain fog in 3-2-1…

I will take a cool/Luke warm shower! I adjusted the controls and stepped in, the shaking got worse and the temperature change took my breath away, I increased the HOT! Within seconds every part of my body that could cramp- DID CRAMP!!! 

The pain. The inability to move. I just stood there, tears rolling down cheeks, praying for it to stop. 

I’m not sure how much time passed, minutes maybe, then it started to let up, that’s when I was able to feel the Myofascial trigger spots flaring! 

That’s okay I’m used to those, I finish my shower and step out, only to be hit with the cool of the AC running, and it started all over again. I let myself fall to the floor, it will ease soon! And it did. 

Now I lay here in bed afraid to move much, feeling the aftershock of the spams. My body is exhausted. 

I think I shocked my body with the cooler water, then again with th cooler room temperature. I’m still sweating, but that’s normal after a shower. 

It was the shower from Hell and now I will rest a while. 


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