The Price of It All~

It’s almost four am, I haven’t slept yet. My pulse is high, a fever teetering at 101′, shaky and dizzy, my head feels like I’ve been drinking for days, and my body feels like I’ve just done cross fit in peanut butter. 

I’ve fought this for a couple hours, shivering under covers, finally I realized I needed to updose. 

Tonight the birthday parties were a success, but I over did it. To much activity and way to much on my feet. My shin feels a lot like when I sit in one position to long and my body doesn’t know how to stand straight again, that painful-heavy-need to stretch it out- feeling. It’s my shin, how do I stretch my shin?  

I have survived this extremely long week. It’s been tough but I did pretty good! 

After tomorrow I am resting, recharging, and recovering! I’ve pushed myself to far this week. Everything is wanting to flare, and a flare is not a good thing. 

I hope y’all are having a good weekend. 💕


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