Survival of a Very Long Week~

This morning I woke up with a pretty bad cortisol headache, like I was the one who drank to much alcohol. No, I didn’t drink a drop, even though my dr said I could only if “you don’t like breathing.” Well dr, I hurt so bad it hurts to breathe today! 

But I survived! And it was a very long week! The week ahead of me looks like I will be resting. A lot! 

So a bit about last night! I pushed myself to hard, trying to be everything to everyone, super mom! Why do I do that? 

Today I am still pushing, only slightly though, so I don’t have to push at all tomorrow! 

  • A cortisol headache so bad my face swelled! Cure for under eye wrinkles! 

What I did notice last night is how different I am treated based on how it looks like I am feeling. Last night I was in severe pain, as I posted earlier. But I was treated even for one second like I was sick Why?  Because I didn’t look sick. What is funny is the pain level in the above pictures is almost the same, just one is a cortisol headache and one is Myofascial hip pain. 
I even heard someone I was just meeting say “I though you would look sick because of what I have heard about you.” 

Anyway, that is my random thinking for today. 

I survived the week! Updosing continues for the rest of today. 


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