One more long day after today~ (and ENLYTE update) 

Four hours of uninterrupted sleep, nice! 😊

The doctor appointment didn’t go as expected, but do they ever? It wasn’t bad though, so that’s GOOD! 

I didn’t even mention my toes, I didn’t feel up to them being sore today. The cyst on my ear is not able to be removed until all the infection is gone, so no stitches there! 😊

We reviewed existing conditions, nothing can be cross d off of my chart yet, but some things were clarified. 

The “multi system degeneration of my autonomic nervous system.” That is actually a number of things, basically it is the part that tells my heart when to beat fast or slow is broken. The part that tells me to breathe when I am sleeping is broke. Stuff like that. And the Enlyte I am on is supposed to help that! 

Ummm, there were more but I cannot remember them. I do remember him saying that the Enlyte will help with the fibromyalgia, depressions, brain fog, myofascial pain, and most all of my stuff. The dr also said at the 90day area is where people know if it works or it doesn’t! And so far, I am seeing results! My results will not be as obvious because of the multi illnesses, but I am seeing a mood and energy improvement. 

Note on Enlyte purchase- I learned the expensive way NOT to buy it from my neighborhood pharmacy. At Walgreens we paid 175+$ for 30 days. But through the compounding company we paid 155.$for 90 days.

My Fitbit is a tattle tale! You see I’ve noticed my pulse has increased and really has no “normal” lately. I asked about that and it led to Tachycardia, which again is common in fibro but also brought on by the degeneration of the autonomic nervous system. Hopefully Enlyte fixes it. 

Lots of lab work was ordered; the typical check-in’s for existing levels, a couple other panels, and a panel checking for markers for Sjogrens. So now to wait. 

Well that concludes the appointment, we are now headed home. Pillow fluffed and blanket ready. Happy Friday! 💕



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