Day… Whatever day it is of this very long week~

I woke up way to early! 

I caught up on some house cleaning! Yep, I had that much energy!

I laid down to take a nap, because all of that energy went away! 

My son called from his and his girlfriends doctor appointment, they are having TWINS! TWINS!!! So who can sleep after that? Right! 

Then my other son sends a gorgeous picture of him receiving his Promotion!!! Proud mama is NOT sleeping today! 

So good day? YES! Except~ I have a 7.5 hour drive TONIGHT!  It’s 6:30pm right now. My doctor appointment Is at 8:30am.

Hubby is already exhausted from working all day! I wish my doctor was closer! 

Here’s to a super LONG night! 



6 thoughts on “Day… Whatever day it is of this very long week~

  1. I’ve just now discovered your blog and I look forward to sharing and learning. I’ve got a bunch of chronic diseases too: MS, Fibromyalgia, Shogren’s plus A-FIB and adrenal insufficiency. It’ll be great to talk with someone who understands the strains of dealing with all these problems. Plus some shared laughs 😁

    Waving to you from Arkansas,
    Meg Davis

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    1. Hi, waving from Texas, I just moved here from Conway AR! Small world!
      Oh yea I understand the multiple illness life well, what helps one thing hurts another ! Grrr! I’m being tested tomorrow I think for Sjogrens (however it’s spelled.) to add to my list!
      You have MS? That’s not on my list, thankfully! Sending you hugs!
      Looking forward to sharing, learning, and especially laughs.

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      1. Small world indeed. I’ll hope you don’t have Shjogren’s, it affects a lot of things in the body. Many of us just keep developing illnesses caused by our autoimmune systems running amok. Treat yourself to something comforting after the testing and good luck.

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      2. Yes I am seeing that with many of us, one thing after another. In the last year alone I’ve got Gerd, Secondary AI, Severe osteoporosis, myofascial pain, multi system degeneration of the autonomic nervous system, and a bunch of small stuff. It’s ridiculous!!!
        Thank you! I will be posting about the visit!
        It’s been nice visiting. Like you said, not many understand. 💕


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